Where Can I Find a Gold Coin Buyer

When the time comes to sell your gold coins, you want the answer to a simple question – where can I sell my gold? As you may have guessed, there are many places online where you can safely sell your gold coins, and take advantage of the current price of gold.

If you are selling gold and you simply want to check out the coin buyers we recommend and what to expect from them and see their prices offered for gold coins, see the link at the bottom of this article.

As the price of gold fluctuates from day to day, it is worth checking the price of gold and prices on offer for particular coins before you jump in and sell. Many of the online gold coin buyers publish ‘buy price’ ‘charts which feature all the popular gold coins like Gold or Silver Eagles, Buffaloes, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Pandas and Philharmonics, and some of them have their current prices on offer for historical coins like sovereigns, Indian Heads, and St Gaudens too. Of course, their prices will vary with the price of gold, and also according to the condition of the coins you want to sell – proof quality or graded coins will be worth the most, as you would expect.

So, how do you actually sell your gold coins? The procedure with most of the gold coin buyers or gold buying companies is that you make contact, by phone or email, to confirm the price they will give you for the type of coins you are selling. (You will have noted the prices on offer on their website.) You then mail the coins, insured, within a certain period – usually within a day or so – to the gold buyer to receive guaranteed payment at the quoted price.

As there are many reliable services to use when you wish to sell your gold, you can check them all to see which will give you the highest price before you choose one dealer to sell to.

As well as directly selling your gold coins, there are other services called exchanges which allow you to advertise your coins. At an exchange website, you can see what coins other people are selling and what prices sellers are getting when they sell their gold coins. After advertising a coin and achieving a sale, you will be charged a small commission by the exchange. These services are also listed in the link below.

Other options available when you are selling gold include eBay and the many other auction sites. Take note of their fees before you sell. There are also local coin dealers and coin stores, which will often make an offer for your gold coins (phone ahead to check first).

But for many people, it is more convenient (and pays more) to sell the coins and get money for their gold using one of the online gold buyers, who have well-tested and reliable procedures for customers like you who are selling gold coins to them.

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